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Bounce House

Bounce House rentals are the most affordable options in our inventory. These units provide hours of fun and entertainment for toddlers, teens, and even adults.

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Combo Units

An Inflatable Combo unit provides extra fun and excitement with a combination of features that include a jumping area, climber, slide and even a basketball hoop in some.

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Inflatable Slides

A Slide Rental is one of the most popular inflatable rentals because it is very thrilling and suspenseful for riders as they go down the slides. Suitable for all ages.

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Mobile Laser Tag

Don't just play a video game, experience it first hand! Introducing Tactical Laser Tag - play mission based games (like Team Battle, VIP, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and many more) with several different type of guns available like machine guns, sniper rifle,

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Nerf and old Laser Tag